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NEW YORK New York is a state in the  Northeastern region of the  United States. New York is the  27thmost extensive, the 3rd most populous, and the 7th most densely populated of the  50 United States.

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K R O Y W E N F O Y OR T S I H E The lands, which is TH located in New York, discovered in 1524, Giovanni Verrazano. In 1614 the Dutch found here trade settlement, which traded mainly furs. In 1624 it was built the first settlement of merchants and was named New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam enters into possession of the English, who changed its name to New York.

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The History of NY part II In 1702 the governor of the town is Lord Cornbury, who was well known that dressed up in womens clothes. In 1754, war broke out between the British and the French and Indian, which ended after nine years - the British gain control of the whole of North America. In 1776, the independence war breaks out. After seven years, the British signed a peace and leave the city. In 1785 New York was selected a capital of United States of America. For years later John Washington was choosen first president of United States.

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SOME DATES FROM THE HISTORY OF NY 1805  in a city get started first free public school. 1827  abolished slavery in New York. 1842  get started Polish Democratic Society. 1846  every seventh  New Yorker was pauper. 1851  the first edition a newspaper New York Times. 1861  Civil war breaks out. 1877  Alexander Graham Bell presented a telephone. 1886  shown the Statue of Liberty. 1900  formation of the salt workers of the textile industry  that has taken the fight for the rights of women and hard working children.

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Glorious years The twenties for many New Yorkers were a period of great age. Superiority gave Mayor Jimmy Walker, who seduced women drank alcohol at illegal bars and rooting for the Yankees. The good times ended in 1929 with a crash on the New York Stock Exchange. The economic recovery took place after four years, after being elected mayor Fiorella La Guardia. In the meantime, however, put into service great buildings which design and technical novelty astonish the world.

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Few monuments from NY The Statue of Liberty Empire State Chrysler

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NY the other days and now In the seventies, the city stood on the brink of bankruptcy. City struggled with racial conflict, the increase in homelessness and crime. Today, New York is the cultural and financial center of the United States, inhabited by more than 10 million people of different nationalities, skin color, political and cultural views, and different religious denominations.

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Curiosities The capital of the state of New York is Albany, not as many people think New York. New York is the largest city in the United States. Only 44 of people in NYC are white. City visited nearly 40 million tourists a year. In the city there are 1700 parks, and the largest is the Central Park with an area of 843 acres. Turning cars on private estates is a violation of privacy. The property owner has the legal right to use weapons.

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